‘Better Ghana Turns Harder Ghana’

The running mate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has said that the better Ghana President Atta Mills promised Ghanaians has become a “harder Ghana”. This, he said, was due to the poor management of the country’s economy by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government which had brought untold hardship on Ghanaians. Dr. Bawumia noted, “We can all attest to the fact that what is supposed to be a better Ghana has now become a harder Ghana, where living conditions are high and unbearable”. He therefore urged everyone to register in order to vote the NDC out of power and bring back Nana Addo and the NPP to make life comfortable and bearable for all. Dr. Bawumia was speaking during a visit to the Mallam Atta Market in Accra last Friday to abreast himself of market trends and some challenges facing traders. He said, “The president has failed to deliver on his promises made to the good people of Ghana so therefore Ghanaians must vote against him and the NDC come December 7.” Dr. Bawumia promised that Nana Addo would improve the living conditions of traders and build structures at the market for them if they voted the NPP back to power. He urged everyone to go and register in the on-going biometric registration exercise, adding, “Participating in the on-going biometric registration exercise and voting on election day is the only way we can change the destiny of the country.” Dr. Bawumia advised them not to engage in multiple registrations which was criminal and could also prevent them from exercising their franchise on December 7. He promised that when Nana Addo was voted into power, cost of living would come down and there would be free Senior High School (SHS) education. Dr. Bawumia said education was the key to progress that was why Nana Addo had promised to make SHS free in order for the nation to have a brighter future. He stated that the NPP could win in the three northern regions when the party put a lot of effort in the campaign. Dr. Bawumia said his nomination as the running mate to Nana Addo would be a major factor in winning votes for the NPP. Dr. Bawumia said the reception he and Nana Addo received while touring the three northern regions showed that victory would be theirs despite the huge task ahead. He said the three northern regions had not been a traditional stronghold of the NPP but the response they received on their tour of the north was encouraging and with a lot of hard work, the party could make it. Dr. Bawumia said, “A victory for Nana Addo is a victory for all Ghanaians”. He added, “Ghana belongs to all of us so we must desist from any act that will bring chaos in the country as we draw closer to the general elections.” Dr. Bawumia, who paid a surprised visit to the Mallam Atta Market, was received by ecstatic market men and women, who chanted songs to welcome him. The large ecstatic crowd trooped from their various homes and shops to catch a glimpse of Nana Addo’s running mate. He was accompanied by his wife, Samira Bawumia, Henry Quartey, Ayawaso Central NPP parliamentary candidate, Sheik IC Quaye, former Greater Accra Regional Minister and Anthony Karbo, NPP National Youth organizer.