JOKE: Chop It Off

One night after work a group of male friends go to a bar for a few drinks before heading home. After a while one of the group keeps seeing a leprachaun running up to his beer & blowing into it making a funny noise with his lips. At first he thinks he must be drunk & just seeing things so he waited for it to happen again. Sure enough after a couple of minutes the leprachaun runs out & blows into his glass of beer making a funny noise with his lips. He looks around at his friends but none of them seemed to have seen it. Again he waits to be sure he is not just seeing things & again it happens. By now he is very angry & confused & asks his friends if any of them saw him. They say no they didn't. He says, next time he does it i'm gonna catch him and chop off his dick. After another couple of minutes the leprechaun runs out & is just about to blow in his cup when the guy catches him & says YES I GOT YOU!!! NOW I'M GOING TO CHOP OFF YOUR DICK!!! The Leprachaun just starts laughing. The guy says, mate what the hell are you laughing for, a guys about to chop off your dick. The leprachaun replies well because I dont have a dick. The man sits holding this leprachaun puzzled before asking well how do you piss? The Leprechaun then runs up to the glass of beer & blows into it making a funny noise with his lips. LIKE THIS!!!