Volta Chief Ready To Fight

A remark from a Volta Region chief steeped in subtle threats is set to undo previous utterances of that nature on the political turf. The comment by the once respected Torgbui Kporku III, divisional chief of Alakple, in the Volta Region, has left a sour taste in the mouths of many, with some wondering about his choice of the metaphysical to deal with so-called enemies of his ethnic grouping. The chief had warned that his people would not fight but would live to read the obituaries of those against them, in apparent reference to Kennedy Agyapong’s recent intemperate speech. Torgbui Kporku began his statement eloquently and defiantly, saying, “When good men fail to speak, evil triumphs” and suddenly said, “days when congenital lunatics and psychopaths are being carried shoulder-high and being paraded as heroes after making murderous statements are gone.” He was addressing the chiefs and people of Anlo at Srogbe where four chiefs and a queen mother were outdoored. Torgbui Kporku noted, “Let them be warned that we as Anlos or as people of the Volta Region shall never start a war or a fight with anybody; we are peaceful people”. He said, “But if they dare; we shall fire no guns, we shall throw no stones, we shall hold no cudgels or cutlasses, we shall use no sledge hammers nor shall we use any bulldozers.” Ken has been widely criticized by several Ghanaians including his own party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for making comments which had the tendency of inciting ethnic violence in the country, compelling him to apologise. Unlike Vice President John Mahama’s rhetoric that he would use a bulldozer to kill a fly and not a sledge hammer, Torgbui Kporku said, “We shall live to read their obituaries.” Those who have had the opportunity to listen to the tape have expressed extreme surprise at the comments of the obviously well-educated traditional leader. Similar comments by Vice President Mahama in which he sought to thank Ewes and Gas for their patience and tolerance over the Assin North MP’s statements, whilst assuring them of the ruling party’s commitment to ensure their safety, had also received wide condemnation. His comments were believed to be equally inflaming passions, considering the fact that the controversy was virtually fading out and that when Akans were attacked and prevented from registering, no such apologies were offered to them. General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwadwo Owusu-Afriyie, told Accra-based Joy FM that the Vice President should be “ashamed of himself” for stoking an issue which was in court and dying a natural death. He explained that Kennedy Agyapong’s comments were unanimously condemned by all as intemperate. Mr Owusu-Afriyie said since the comments were uttered, not a single hair had been removed or any bone broken for which reason the Vice President ought not to be reminding the people of the ethnic sentiments. He said as a result of the statement, Kennedy Agyapong was being prosecuted and the Vice President had no right to be making political capital of it.