Martin Amidu's Statement On 'Jake Bungalow' Very Amusing - Ackumey

A member of the ruling National Democratic Congress Legal team has described as amusing the reaction of the former Attorney General to government�s decision on the sale of the state bungalow to NPP chairman Jake Obitsebi Lamptey. Mr. Martin Amidu stated in a Press release that government�s decision to withdraw the sale of the property to Mr Obetsebi Lamptey is unconstitutional and an affront to the Judiciary. But a member of the NDC Legal Team, Chris Ackumey in an interview with XYZ News said the President�s decision is a policy statement which does not interfere in any way with the ruling of the court. �The directive given by the cabinet does not in any way constitutes an effrontery to the judgment which was delivered or a disclaimer to the extent that one would call it that such a judgment is over ruling the judgment of the Supreme Court and to that extent unconstitutional, I just find that very amusing� Mr. Ackumey said. Mr. Ackumey who is also the Acting Managing Director of GOIL added that �the President and his cabinet have just issued a policy statement; they have not interfered or done anything untoward so far as this judgment is concerned. �They have not made any statement that they are not going to respect or accept the judgment.