NPP To Celebrate June 4

One of the undying principle of the June 4 uprising was that, there should be an established society in which all Ghanaians, without regard to the kind of tribal marks on the face, level of education, status in the society where, are equal before the law; a society where there will not be in Ghana, one law for the so-called BIGMAN and another for the labourer. This was and is still the true message of June 4 which the NPP and its presidential candidate, Nana Akuffo Addo, Ex-president Kuffour and among others love to hate and that explains why Ex-president J.A. Kuffour outlawed June 4 through a legislation during his administration in 2001. In fact, they have done everything to denigrate June 4 and its architects both internally and externally (International community). Paradoxically on 33rd anniversary of the June 4, they are scheming to bus their supporters to the venue at Aflao just to increase the numbers at the durbar. As usual, in their desperation to attain power at all cost, they seem to be capitalizing on the seeming cracks in the National Democratic Congress to their advantage. It was understood at one of their meetings that, with a seeming massive support, Ex-president Rawlings will get the impression that he has more support for his stance in the scheme of affairs in the NDC. According to the source, the NPP will organize 22 buses; seven(7) from Greater Accra, six(60 from Ashanti; five(5) from Brong Ahafo and four(4) from parts of the Volta Region, full of NPP supporters to converge at Aflao, venue for this year’s June 4 celebrations. It is laughable listening to the NPP these days. There appears to be a remarkable inability or deliberate failure to remember what they have said previously. On every June 4, the NPP would shout against the celebration, pointing out how all military coups are bad and why they must be condemned. This is what they must do, otherwise, they stand no chance of winning any votes in the 2012 elections.