Silencing Our Soul And Having A Quiet Moment With God

"But I have stilled and quieted my soul." Psalm 131:2 (NIV 1984) I'm a talker; always have been. When report cards were sent home, my parents never expected anything better than a C beside the word "conduct." One of my elementary teachers politely called me "very social," while most were more blunt. "Wendy talks too much. She could learn more if she would talk less." Unfortunately, old habits die hard. I brought this trait of talking too much into my quiet time with God, filling the silence with words ... lots and lots of words. I wonder if sometimes the Father looks to the Son and says, "I can't get a word in edge-wise with this girl! She could learn more if she would talk less." To be honest, silence wasn't easy for this girl who likes to gab. I wanted to tell God what I thought would be good solutions to my problems. To-do lists ran through my head, instead of peace and quiet. Dusty shelves and piles of toys distracted my attention. It felt unnatural not to be talking, so I resisted it. I shared my uneasiness with God but knew silence and stillness were things I needed to practice. During these times I heard God's gentle encouragement, "Shhh. Be still. It's okay to be silent. You don't have to say a word." Gradually I felt something I couldn't name until I read our key verse: rest. My spirit felt renewed and at peace. In silence and stillness God united His heart with mine, allowing me to experience the rest I needed. As we fill the reservoir of our soul with true refreshment from God we learn to relax in the rhythms of His grace. We experience real peace and rest that only come from the silence and stillness of being with Him. We carry this refreshment with us as we face the challenges of our day. Do you have the gift of gab like me? Do you find it challenging to sit quietly with God? Ask Him to help you practice and enjoy silence and stillness. Your soul will find refreshing peace. God's rest is exactly what our restless soul needs.