Koku Anyidoho Is A Liability To Government...NDC Man Drags Castle Strongman 'On The Floor'

Samuel George Nettey, a member of the government’s communications team, has descended heavily on the Director of Communications at the Presidency, Koku Anyidoho, describing him as ‘hot-blooded’ and behaving like a ‘tin-god’.

He also accused Anyidoho of sending threatening text messages to persons in government and ‘praying that they don’t fall into ditches’.

“Koku Anyidoho expects government’s communication machinery to support him at the expense of the President? We don’t need hot-blooded people who just act on the spur of the moment without thinking and think they are tin-gods who must be worshipped and that the President should be sacrificed for their personal interest; clearly not,” Sam George fired the President’s Director of Communications on Radio Gold yesterday.

Speaking on Radio Gold’s morning show where he described the President’s spokesman as a liability to the government and the Presidency, Sam virtually dragged the Castle strongman on the floor, asking him to go back and learn what it takes to be a communications director for the President.

Sam seemed to have been provoked by a publication in yesterday’s edition of the ‘The Informer’ newspaper owned by Koku, under the headline, ‘Sack this Aliu Mahama Boy Now’, which sought to present him as an NPP mole who had wriggled his way into the National Democratic Congress (NDC) fraternity.

He said, “We heard the rather unfortunate statements that were made by the Director of Communications which after checks turned out to be false; he had put the President in the line of fire. The President was being called a ‘knee-jerk reaction President’, a ‘President who takes decisions in the heat of the moment without thinking’, all thanks to his Communications Director.” Apart from that, Sam George, who used to run errands for former Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama under the Kufuor administration, noted, "He just goes out and makes statements and makes the president look bad and when we sit on air and do damage control to protect our President, he decides to go around this and carry out this kind of cowardice oriented statements to try and smear you.