Customers are the sole means of your survival - Dr Nuamah

Dr James Atta Krufi Nuamah, Regent of the Methodist University and the Jayee Institute, has said it is important for entrepreneurs to realize that their customers are the sole means by which their businesses could survive. "A business cannot survive without its customers and a good relationship with customers determines the future of a business, he said. Dr Nuamah, said this when he officially launched the Second Ghana Customer Service Week in Accra on Friday. He said with the primary aim of every business being to create a customer base, every decision taken by any business outfit should be geared towards satisfying customers. "Advertising may win over new customers, but good customer service would keep them," he said. Dr Nuamah said business outfits should endeavor to know the grievances and likes of their customers in order to improve upon their services for the good of both the customers and the businesses. Dr Mrs Goski Alabi, Dean, School Of Research and Graduate Studies, who was chairman for the occasion, said with Ghana being in the global lime-light not only because of its oil find but political stability and tourism, we were bound to improve, which made the provision of excellent customer service a must. She said it was worth noting that customers had rights and responsibilities and it was important for them to insist on their rights and responsibilities for the services to improve. The week-long activities would highlight the importance of good customer service and educate people on global best practices.