There is so much injustice in Ghanaian society-Rev. Naameh

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Tamale, Most Reverend Philip Naameh, has observed that the Ghanaian society could be heading for chaos as there was so much injustice in the society resulting in ‘crimes that cry to God for vengeance’ According to him, greed is the order of the day, deceit, falsehood and arrogance have equally taken a grip of the Ghanaian society especially as political campaigns for the December polls warms up. Most Rev. Naameh made the observation in Tamale on Saturday in a speech read for him during the second quarter meeting of the National Council of Catholic Women Association which was under the theme “The Catholic woman, an instrument of reconciliation, justice and peace”. He called on Ghanaians especially Christians to show mercy and love towards one another stressing that justice, mercy and love would promote the desired peace and enhance political tranquility for the survival of the nation’s fledgling democracy. The Archbishop said Christians especially Catholics were the worst perpetrators of injustice and white colour crimes and admonished them to stop the practice for the sake of the Kingdom. “How often do Christians not cheat one other, under pay their employees, take advantage of their positions to look for power, to cheat or misappropriate funds”, he quarried. Most Rev. Naameh also called on the National Council of Catholic Women not to act as catalyst in fueling conflicts and perpetuating injustice by their actions and statements but urged to serve as real agents of peace, reconciliation and justice. Rev. Philip Naameh noted that the church and the nation need women to take their full places in the world so that the human race could live in the world without completely losing its humanity saying, ‘Jesus talked about peacemakers and a peace maker’. Rev Fr. Carolus Gambogi, the Parish Priest of Holy Cross, said women were a force to reckon with and mentioned that the Church had such caliber of women who could serve the nation and positively influence society. He said women were so powerful that they could do undo everything in a society “even the politicians have to be very careful with you as you can make and unmake governments”, he emphasised. Rev Fr. Gambogi said the Catholic Church’s expectations from the women were to emulate the role of the woman in their salvation history and those whose praises are sung in the scriptures and to support the church for it have a positive impact on society.