Mills Has 4 More Years; Not Dying Now - Okaikoi

The National Democratic Congress Parliamentary Candidate for the Okaikoi North Constituency, Mr. Andrew Okaikoi, has lashed out at some members of the opposition New Patriotic Party, describing them as hypocrites who wish the President dead, “but the good Lord who made him the President said, no, he has another four years to rule.” Speaking to traders and GPRTU and PROTOA members of his constituency at separate meetings last Sunday, Mr. Okaikoi, said he could not understand how a fellow human being will rejoice in the demise of another. “In Ghana we respect the dead, no matter how bad that person was when he was alive...but look at what happened on Saturday, some people in the NPP were spreading the rumours of our dear President’s death... Are they God?” he asked, receiving “no, no, no” response from the enthusiastic traders at Lapaz. Mr. Okaikoi was not the least enthused by the “get well” wish sent by NPP’s presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo. “Disregard those well wishes. It was an evasive, well-calculated face-saving move to douse the death-wish backlash,” he said. According to Mr. Okaikoi, the NPP operates with a psychological orientation that once they are not in charge, nothing done by anyone else is good enough. The NDC Okaikoi North parliamentary aspirant cautioned party members against complacency and called for an intensive campaign for an overwhelming victory in the upcoming December polls. From all indications, he said, the NDC would win the general elections but was quick to add, “this shouldn’t make us complacent.” He emphasised that internal wrangling, backbiting and petty squabbles that existed within the rank and file of the party should be avoided. At Lapaz, the traders sang and praised the Mills-led administration for the good work it is doing and promised to vote massively for the president and the parliamentary candidate.