“President Mills is Fit and Kicking” – Okudjeto Ablakwa

The NDC Germany communication team in conjunction with Sankofa Radio – a popular radio station based in Stuttgart, Germany on their usual weekend political talk show program featured Hon. Samuel Ablakwa –Deputy Minister of Information for an intensive interview conducted by Akwasi Owusu as a moderator. A matter concerning the president’s health was the prime subject. In reaction to this, Hon. Ablakwa in a relaxed voice described that “the president is fit, sound and kicking. I spoke with him this morning and was responding well. Hopefully, he arrives in Accra on Monday, 25 of June as expected.” He continued ‘ this is not the first time Prof. Mills has been rumoured to be sick, dead or incompetent but still, our beloved President keeps going strong and performing.” Highlights of the interview included –opinion poll /unprecedented achievements, electricity problem, Harbor duties, land encroachments by foreigners, Ropal, Wrangling within NDC and others. ‘Considering credible unprecedented achievements by NDC Government under Prof. Mills, if it happens that, elections were held today, no doubt the NDC would definitely retain power. Recent speculations in town about opinion polls were just loose propaganda by opposition NPP to cause fear and panic to the public”. Hon Ablakwah confidently stated. ‘Opposition NPP leading members refused to accept and realize credible developments initiated by NDC. Even, the main road leading to Nana Akuffo Addo’s residence at Nima has been re-constructed, tarred and made motorable, but they would not appreciate – that’s arrogant opposition NPP for you.” Hon. Ablakwa therefore threw the challenge to listeners to cross-check their various constituencies as whether developments have not been taken place. “Modern hospitals with modern equipments have been provided at all districts and regional capitals, construction of eastern corridors, two separate universities have been built, street lights. etc.” Mr. Ablakwa continued ‘We have not exaggerated to have brought heaven onto earth, neither have we created paradise nor resolved all existing problems. There are more yet to be done hence the need to ask Ghanaian electorate to vote us to retain power”. Asked about the electricity power shedding across the country, he swiftly explained that, “the electricity power consists of generations and onward transmissions and that, the NDC government has been able to transmit or distribute electricity to over 1,700 communities nation-wide especially, to cater for local fitting shops and other vocational establishments. There have been serious set-backs with the power generation process which were cropped up during NPP regime. Hopefully the situations shall be normalized” he assured. Asked if government officials really adhered to views, opinions and suggestions from the Ghanaians communities outside Ghana as per day to day radio discussions, the young brilliant politician replied in affirmative and added that, the government has in place media monitoring mechanism in getting daily reports abroad and also respective consulates and embassies hereby submit periodic reports.” “Ropal for instance has been passed by parliament during previous NPP government. For that matter, no political party has the right to suspend its implementation. It’s therefore the duty of Electoral commission (an autonomous body) to draw up programs and subsequent budgets to effect its operations.” Asked to comment about the wrangling within the NDC, “Abrantie” Ablakwa retorted “NDC as democratic party believes in internal democracy. Freedom of speech and diversified ideas are respected. As much as the party is liberal and tolerant, there are laid down structures and procedures in resolving internal conflicts and grievances. And it is expected from all members to strictly abide by these bye-laws”. What he has to say about foreigners encroaching Ghanaian lands to operate galamsey mining? He commended the moderator (Akwasi Owusu) for asking this sensitive concerned question. Mr. Ablakwah explained that, Ghana as like any other country, runs free and open economy market. As such, we try to comport ourselves diplomatically in our actions and reactions towards foreigners. However, rules and bye-laws are there to check lawlessness. Galamsey is absolutely illegal in Ghana and therefore there are government task forces in place to check defaulters.