Former Miss Ghana Benita Is Broke...She's Just Playing The Devil’s Advocate

Some members within the camp of the independent candidate, Benjamin Ayiku of the Ledzokuku constituency have debunked the assertion the they are the faceless people behind the fire that guttered a building belonging to Mrs. Benita Sena Okity-Dua, a former Miss Ghana last Wednesday. Members of the group who spoke to The Heritage newspaper on Friday on condition of anonymity said the building which the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate is claiming ownership of is not hers and that the said building belongs to the mother. “Mrs. Benita Sena Okity-Dua has no building in Teshie, the house she claims to be hers rather belongs to the mother Mrs. Golomeke, an Accra-based fashion designer,” the rebel group alleges. “Mrs. Okity-Dua is trying to play the devil’s advocate to win sympathy to her side so that the electorate in the constituency will vote for her. The former Miss Ghana 1997 is broke and has no money for her. The former Miss Ghana 1997 is broke and has no money for her campaign; therefore she is using the razing down of the building to re-generate funds for her upcoming campaign for the December 7 general election.” “She should stop pointing accusing fingers at us and allow the Ghana National Fire Service to ascertain what really caused it. If she says those who do not support her are behind the razing down of the building - we challenge her to prove it,” the group further stated emphatically. The entire building (six bedroom mansion) in which Mrs. Okity-Dua lives, was razed down by fire and property worth thousands of new Ghana Cedis destroyed. There were no human casualties. The incident which occurred Wednesday evening is alleged to have been perpetrated by her political opponents within her own party. When the fire broke out Benita in an interview with Radio XYZ said even though the fire service is yet to confirm the cause of the fire, she suspects foul play and that it was a ploy by her detractors to frustrate her efforts of becoming a Member of Parliament in the up-coming election.