Fire Prophecy On Sena-Okity Comes To Pass

Benita Sena-Okity Duah, the ruling National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) parliamentary candidate for the Ledzokuku Constituency, said her faith in God has been strengthened after a prophecy that her residence would be on fire came to pass last week. Madam Benita said, “I am surprised that this has happened because just this morning a prophet revealed to me that fire will gut my house and that has come to pass.” Last Wednesday (June 20) afternoon, fire burnt the residence of Madam Benita Sena-Okity Duah at Teshie, reducing all her properties to ashes. Speaking with The Finder via phone, the NDC parliamentary candidate said she was in a meeting when she received a distress call that her house was on fire. When she rushed to the scene, Sena-Okity said she realised that fire had annihilated her residence and reduced all her properties, including clothing, washing machine, sets of furniture, and rooms, to ashes. The disaster, she pointed out, had made her house uninhabitable “and so I would have to find a place to lay my head and think of the next line of action thereafter.” Sounding very confident in God and thanking Him for no loss of life during the disaster, Sena-Okity wondered what story she would have told had a man who was then occupying one of the rooms been caught in the fire. She said, “The man escaped unscathed. I thank God for the Better Ghana Agenda which enabled the Fire Service personnel to arrive at the scene to quench the fire and to prevent it from spreading further. I thank God again for the fire personnel for their response.” According to her, the occupant said he only saw thick smoke emanating from one of the rooms which had then been locked so he tried kicking the door open.