IMANI Damns Media: Forbes Report Is Rehashed And Inaccurate

Policy think-tank, IMANI Ghana, has slammed a section of the media for giving unnecessary prominence to a Forbes article published in 2012 on Ghana’s economy. According to IMANI, the report that rated Ghana as one of the ten worst-managed economies in the world is riddled with inaccuracies. The policy think tank noted in a press statement that “the article was published on June 9th 2010 and not 2012. Secondly, the Forbes article had several inaccuracies which IMANI responded to on June 16th 2010.” Read a full reaction of IMANI Ghana to the Forbes article published in June 2012. On June 9th this year, a certain Daniel Fisher, a Senior Editor at Forbes Magazine specialising in macroeconomic and legal issues, wrote an article in which he “showcased” Ghana as the 9th “worst-managed country” in the world.What exactly are the indicators of “bad economic management” according to this article? This is curious, seeing that in the preceding month Mr. Fisher had written at least 25 articles almost exclusively on the domestic economy of the US. Indeed his only two forays into the global arena concerned this rather peculiar ranking of the “10 worst-managed economies of the world”. That is far from the only thing curious about the report. For a start, no insight into Mr. Fisher