Mills Healthgate: Kofi Adams Calls For Kwabena Adjei’s Head

The suspended Deputy General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress has challenged party officials to suspend national chairman Kwabena Adjei if they really believe in the principle of fair and equitable justice. This follows comments allegedly made by Dr Kwabena Adjei to the effect that rumours about President Mills ill health were being spread by senior members of the NDC and not members of the opposition NPP, contrary to claims by members of the government communications team and other government officials. However, the NDC chairman insists he has made no such comment and the voice on the tape is not his. Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem Morning Show on Friday June 29, Kofi Adams, who was suspended despite strongly denying that it was his voice on a secretly recorded telephone conversation between him and a member of the opposition, says the law – as promulgated by the leadership of the NDC – must be applied fairly and if that is done, Dr Adjei should also be suspended while investigations take place. Mr. Adams was suspended after a leaked tape with a voice purported to be his was heard saying he will do everything possible to prevent President John Mills from securing the mandate of Ghanaians for a second term in the December 7, general elections. His reinstatement is pending on the results of investigations being conducted on him by the Disciplinary Committee of the NDC. But before the Disciplinary Committee could present its report, the FEC has written to Mr. Adams, informing him of its decision to extend his suspension for another month. In the meantime, he has sued the leadership of the NDC challenging his suspension. The suspended NDC officer, who is also Spokesperson for the Rawlingses, wondered: “If that is indeed the voice of the chairman, why was he at the airport to meet the President and has publicly commented on rumours that it was the opposition which was spreading the rumour about the president’s death? (If it is indeed his voice), this is completely contrary to the position of government officials.” He continued: “Sometimes the lack of courage and truthfulness in our politics is what is driving us back. Just like in my case, the man has denied saying what is on the tape. If officials fail to take any action I will leave it to Ghanaians to judge.”