Hassan Ayariga: Nobody Can Tell Me The Rawlingses Are Not Behind NDP

Presidential Candidate for the People’s National Convention (PNC), Hassan Ayariga, is convinced that the former First Family, the Rawlingses are solidly behind the formation of the newly formed National Democratic Party (NDP). However, he believes their association with the NDP is wrong because to him, a leader faces whatever problems comes his way squarely and does not run away from them. “People have suffered for him (Rawlings), sacrificed for him to rule and when he was ruling some people had problems with it but people did not leave the party or the country. People were backing him through it but it does not mean they agree with everything that he was doing. My problem is that, why should you be a leader of a party then your wife leaves the party to form another party in the name of the Rawlingses again? You served for 20 years; we don’t only have the Rawlingses in Ghana, we have other people in Ghana who would also want to serve Ghanaians Mr. Hasan Ayariga was commenting on the formation of the NDP, a party said to have been formed by some disgruntled members of the NDC. The NDP is yet to be accredited by the Electoral Commission (EC), though. Speaking in an interview on Peace News @ 12 Midday, the PNC Presidential Candidate posited that if members of an association, out of some form of misunderstanding or dissatisfaction, break away to form a different political party, then very soon the country will have more than 100 political parties on the scene. “When you have a problem with a political party, you don’t desert the party to go and form another party. No! Nobody can come out and say that the Rawlingses are not behind the formation of the NDP; nobody, not even Kofi Adams can come out and say that. But my issue is that what kind of democracy are we bringing on the table? Democracy of selfishness or democracy of what you want is more than what I want...What kind of democracy is that? If you are not happy with Ghana then you change your country to Nigeria or other country? Is that what we should be doing? Whatever is happening in the country or the party is party of leadership, solve the problem, and don’t run away from it. But I will not only attack the Rawlingses; Professor Mills is also another factor, he should also move forward and find out how the two of them can form the party better. One person cannot solve the whole problem,” he said.