Mike Tyson: Evander Holyfield's Ear Wasn't Tasty

BOXER Mike Tyson has revealed Evander Holyfield's ear "wasn't too tasty". The controversial heavyweight famously chomped off a piece of Evander's lughole during their world title fight at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas in 1997. He was disqualified and the pair developed a feud. Now Mike has opened up about the flavour of his unsavoury mouthful during an appearance on TV show Watch What Happens Live. When asked what an ear tastes like, Mike responded: "It depends what ear you bite. "It wasn't too tasty." When the presenter asked: "It needed some Holyfield hot sauce on it?" Mike responded: "Yes, and that would have been a delicacy." The pair were reunited for the first time in 12 years in a live episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in October 2009.