Kufuor's Govt Had No Contract With ISOFOTON - Mike Ocquaye

The second deputy Speaker of Parliament and former Energy Minister, Professor Mike Ocquaye says the State had no contract with ISOFOTON and has dared the current deputy Energy Minister to provide proof of a contract which he [Prof. Ocquaye] allegedly abrogated. Alhaji Inusah Fuseini has asked Ghanaians to hold former Chief of Staff Kwadwo Mpiani and Professor Ocquaye accountable for the 1.3 million dollar ISOFOTON judgment debt hanging on the country’s neck. According to him, Kwadwo Mpiani and Professor Ocquaye acted with impunity in the abrogation of the contract meant to provide solar rural electrification under a Ghana-Spain protocol during the erstwhile Kufuor regime. But Prof. Ocquaye insists the state was not liable to ISOFOTON because the company was part of the bidding process. “There was a process of offers being got, assessment being made and that matter did not result in any contract to ISOFOTON over Spanish facility number 2 for it to even be canceled. “If anybody says otherwise let him send to you for you to see that letter of contract, there was none. “The mere fact that I caused an advert to be made shows the fact that there was no contract and that we were going by the proper processes” Prof. Ocquaye said. But Hon. Inusah Fuseini insists in an interview with XYZ News that the two must be held accountable for the mess.