Ablakwa’s Smoking Gun Is Empty – Nana Akomea

The Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akomea has described as “waste of time” a press conference organized by government on a $1.1 million judgment debt that supposedly implicates Nana Akufo-Addo. The $1.1 million judgment debt owed the Great Cape Company of Switzerland is said to have come about somewhere in the 1970s when the contract of the company was illegally abrogated. According to Nana Akomea, the press conference revealed nothing that could ruin the NPP’s 2012 campaign as promised by the Deputy Information Minister, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa. The Deputy Information Minister had earlier promised to release details of a “scandalous” judgment debt incurred during the NPP’s era at a press conference on Monday. According to him, the revelation would shock Ghanaians since the details were even more scandalous than what Ghanaians had already know about. At Monday’s news conference, government described as hypocritical, comments by Nana Akufo Addo that judgement debts payments being made under President John Mills would not have passed under his watch. According to the Deputy Minister, the NPP flagbearer had earlier on endorsed a payment of about $ 1.1 million to the Great Cape Company of Switzerland when he was the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice. However, speaking on Asempa FM’s political discussion programme Ekosii-sen on Monday, Nana Akomea noted that the government would have served the nation right by avoiding “this baseless so-called revelation or exposé which has nothing in it that would scare the NPP”. “Is that all Okudzeto Ablakwa has been so vociferous and boisterous about since last week? There is nothing scandalous about this at all. It is simply an endorsement of recommendation passed by an NDC government the NPP took over in 2001. What is wrong about that? If Nana Addo deems what they have recommended good and he is also endorsing, what is scandalous about it? In fact, simply put they just wasted our time,” he asserted. The NPP MP for Okaikoi South stressed that what the government seeks to do in all these revelations of judgemnet debts, is political equalization noting that it will never materialize. “You see, what the NDC wants to do is political equalization meaning the NPP is exposing them on judgement debts so they will shift the blame. I am not surprised”. He admonished the Deputy Information Minister, Okudzeto Ablakwa and government to avoid this wastage of the precious time of Ghanaians next time by avoiding “baseless issues like this one”. “If this is what the NDC was aiming to put out there, then why the huge advertisement since last weekend? Frankly speaking it contains nothing. It is the government which has even exonerated Nana Addo. NDC and its serial callers were making noise of another expose of a judgement debt, meanwhile it was just this thing? I am sorry for them” he said. He reiterated that NPP as a political party was not against payments of judgement debts but only concerned about the conduct of the officials in the Mills government. “We are not against the payments of money approved by the court but the conduct of some government officials in the settlement of these debts since it assumed power”.