Azumah Weeps For Boxing

Boxing legend Azumah Nelson has expressed worry over the current state of the sport in the country. To the boxing professor, boxing is taking a nosedive as a result of the square-pegs-in-round-hole situation with regard to the day-to-day running of the sport by the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA). The 54-year-old boxing legend told Stage Africa last Friday: “I am sad for boxing because people who are not well versed when it comes to the sport are in charge.” The former technical director of the GBA pointed out that he withdrew his services as a result of the high level of incompetence displayed by the Authority at the time. “They know that I know so they are not comfortable working with me. You see, when I am around, they will not get the chance to ‘chop’,” said the three time World champion. He maintained his stand on the chances of the national boxing team that they do not have what it takes to fight at the Olympics. “If you know boxing and you see them fight, you will pity them. They are not well-conditioned and they are ill-prepared, and looking at the level of the Olympics and the opposition they are going to face that was why I said they are not there yet. “We should have camped them for a longer period, say six months. Some of their opponents have been in camp for a year. “We need a competent coach who knows what he is about as well as government support to restore the lost fortunes,” added Azumah. He believed the country is blessed with a lot of boxing talents and if the government and other stakeholders gave the needed support, the sport will bounce back. And showing the way forward to the up-and-coming boxers, he admonished that they exhibit discipline, hard work and listen to those who have gone through the ranks in their pursuit to become world champions. Stage Africa, a GTV Sports show hosted by Jerry Kwame Ayensu, last week dedicated the entire show to the celebration of the boxing Hall of Famer’s 54th birthday which fell on July 19.