IMANI To Demand Full Disclosure On Mills' Death

“When we have mourned a while and in accordance with the values of respect and honour, one of our greatest homage to the fatherly President, would be to demand full disclosure on the circumstances surrounding his untimely death.” President J.E.A. Mills met his untimely death on Tuesday afternoon at about 14:15GMT at the 37 Military Hospital after suffering what is believed to be an acute cardiac arrest. His autopsy report is however yet to be released by the pathologist. Many renowned world leaders have paid glowing tributes to the late president for his roles in advancing the course of democracy in Africa and human development. “We received news of the President's sudden death with great disbelief, sombreness and grave disappointment. Our thoughts and prayers are with his immediate family and the people of Ghana, for whom he was the greatest asset.” The late President was “a fine gentleman, an accomplished academic and a true statesman,”- “we will miss him. May he rest in God 's eternal bosom.” “We wish the new President, John Mahama well. May God order his steps and may he guard him against any trepidation in his new role. God bless us all,” the statement said.