I Organized 'Attack' On Prez Mills’ Convoy - Nii Lantey Vanderpuye

A Presidential Aide to the late President Professor John Evans Atta Mills, Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, has stated that at one time, he organized an attack on the Presidential Convoy! According to him, he organized a community to put up a barrier of stones, blocks, clubs and other implements to block the presidential convoy when the convoy was on its way back to Accra with a tired President! Speaking on ‘Talking Point’, a political talk show program on GTV on Sunday evening, Nii Lantey, as he is popularly known, stated that he was responsible for inciting a community to erect barriers to block the presidential convoy in order to force the late President Atta Mills to come out of his vehicle to speak to a crowd of villagers, even though he knew that the President was tired and wanted to come back to Accra. “I knew the people wanted to see the President. When I got there they told me they wanted to see the President…we had already concluded our schedule but these were people who wanted to see the President, so, as the man in the lead car, I told them to put up a barrier, to put stones and sticks and blocks on the road so that when the convoy gets there they would be forced to stop. After I told them to erect the barrier, I took off! So when they (presidential convoy) got there they stopped and the President got down to talk to them. The President immediately realized that I was the one responsible so he called me on the network to speak to me but I refused to pick the call. I ignored him, but later, when we arrived, he pulled me into an office and warned me that I should never do that again,” Nii Lantey said. He was giving a testimony as to the very ‘forgiving’ nature of the late President John Evans Atta Mills and used the rather shocking and macabre recitations above to demonstrate why the late President would forgive his associates any kind of crime.