Chemphe Shifts "Double P Project" To August 11

King of rhythm and blues, Chemphe has changed the date for the upcoming double P(Campaign for peace and Against Poverty) project from August 4th to August 11th due to the sad incident of losing our president Atta Mills. He mentioned that he had to put everything on hold since he suffered emotionally. He also cancelled some arrangements to shoot his new video “Left Over” and numerous interviews that were prearranged. Chemphe however will hit the scenes again to reinforce the promotion of “Left Over”, “Kiss Me” and other songs which will be launched at +233 Jazz Bar (Close to GBC) on Saturday September 1st 2012. The album launch will have six of Ghana’s best from different genres namely Irene Logan, Jon German, Dr Cryme, J-Town, Efya and Ball J. The manager of E-Jam Records Korsah-brown added in a separate interview that the event will provide a good corporate environment for further business discussions for participants. He added that, participants will get free “Purple Kiss” album CDs during the concert. However, Chemphe’s campaign press launch will be coming on at Grand Cassamora Hotel in Adjiringano at East Legon in Accra on Saturday August 11 at 10am. The programme will provide the public with firsthand information on Chemphe’s “Campaign for Peace and Against Poverty project” also termed Double P. He will allow the media and other stack holders to ask relevant questions to enable involvement in the project as a whole