Name A University After President Mills

As it is still very difficult to come to terms with the sudden, unfortunate and untimely demise of His Excellency Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, it is my candid opinion and wish that, since the late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills’ commitment, enthusiasm, passion and allegiance to build a better Ghana for all can never be questioned/challenged by anybody within and outside Ghana as he clearly demonstrated within the three and half years under his stewardship, it will only be fair to him and the rest of us as Ghanaians to begin celebrating and HONOURING him right now. It is also very important to appreciate the fact that, since the sudden and untimely demise of His Excellency Prof. John Evans Atta Mills (late President of the Republic of Ghana) on Tuesday 24th July 2012 at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra, the general feeling and believe among larger Ghanaian society including those in the Diaspora is that, the late Prof. Mills was an extraordinary personality and President in the history of this country. Some of his unquestionable attributes include but not limited to the following; he was very modest, honest, truthful, sincere, high moral and integrity, devoted to duty, selfless, peace loving, tactical, and calm and above all God fearing. People from all walks of life have in one way or the other expressed these feelings or have testified genuinely and willingly to these attributes of the late President Mills even before his demise. Some who could not even do so at the time that Prof. Mills was alive for reasons best known to them have equally done so after his unfortunate and untimely demise in their tributes to President Mills. Some of these people are not just mere personalities but they are people of high standing and repute. In view of the unprecedented, incontrovertible and incontestable legacies the late President Mills has left for this country (Ghana), I can only come to the humble conclusion that, we as a country should begin honouring and celebrating his legacies even before he is laid in his grave. I wish therefore to use this humble opportunity to make two quick suggestions as to how to I personally think we can celebrate and honour the late President of the Republic of Ghana His Excellency Prof. John Evans Atta Mills. 1). I suggest that, government should take immediate and urgent steps to ESTABLISH A FOUNDATION IN HONOUR OF PRESIDENT MILLS perhaps after giving him a befitting state burial. 2). As practicable as possible, one of the newly established universities in the country by the late President Mills administration (University of Health and Allied Sciences – Ho and University for Energy and Natural Resource – Sunyani) should be named after him. In conclusion, I would leave you with one of Prof. Mills’ words “ANY GOVERNMENT WHICH DOES NOT SEE THE PROVISION OF BASIC NEEDS OF ITS PEOPLE LIKE ACCESS TO PORTABLE DRINKING WATER, ELECTRICITY, HEALTHCARE, QUALITY EDUCATION AMONG ITS PRIORITIES, THEN SUCH GOVERNMENT HAS NO BUSINESS BEING IN POWER IN THE FIRST PLACE” AGYA ATTA, REST IN PERFECT PEACE. DAMIRIFA DUE.