I Club With My Husband’s Consent - Actress

Nollywood actress Oge Okoye’s clubbing attitude gained some media reviews and spotlight over claims that her husband endorsed it. Lindaikeji.blogspott.com reported that Oge had said that she got the consent of her husband before she made the move. “When asked what her take was on married women who frequent night clubs, the talented mother of two replied: I can’t speak for anyone else but myself. I am a married woman and I do go to the clubs but it’s always with my husband’s consent,” she was quoted. Oge has been described as a damsel and a screen diva who has an in-depth knowledge of her craft. Her ability to interpret her roles with so much dexterity and poise has placed her among the best actresses in Nigeria. Call her a style icon and you would be stating the obvious. Earlier media reports said the talented thespian was named a UN peace ambassador. Under this title, Oge will propagate national and world peace through her actions and words and stop her alleged quarrel with Ini Edo. As a UN Ambassador, Oge will be joining hands with other ambassadors- home and abroad- in making the world a more peaceful place to live in by getting involved in aid-giving programmes in areas of unrest.