XCLUSIV FOTOS: Keagan Wins BBA Stargame With Keitta’s Lucky Jacket

Winner of Big Brother Stargame, Keagan, from South Africa has revealed in an exclusive interview with Peacefmonline.com that he won the $300,000 price tag with a lucky Jacket given to him my Ghanaian housemate Keitta before he left the house. Keagan revealed that the jacket he wore on stage after he was announced winner of Africa’s biggest Television reality show, actually belongs to his partner in crime in the BBA house Keita, who he said described the jacket as his lucky jacket. “Keitta gave me that jacket as a special gift and it has always remained dear to my heart. That was the only thing I wanted to wear because I remembered Keitta when my name was mentioned. Keitta is one of the people I will never forget in the BBA house”. He said anytime he sees the jacket, he remembers Keitta and he felt Keitta’s presence when he wore it. The rebellious lad confessed that he was very confused when host IK, announced him as the winner. He said a lot of things went through his mind and he didn’t know what do to at that particular time. “I was very surprised, I was shocked and confused; there was mixed reaction in my mind and so I didn’t know what to do. I was extremely surprised”. Meanwhile, Peacefmonline.com investigations further reveals that the said jacket originally belonged to Keitta’s big brother Hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone, who has worn the same jacket in two of his music videos after which he handed it over to Keitta and since then Keitta calls it his lucky jacket and he decided to take it to the BBA house. Keitta brought the same jacket on stage the first time he came up for eviction with his girlfriend Mildred (Eazzy) and Africa saved him. According to sources Keitta believes that any day he puts on the jacket something really good happens to him, and interestingly Keagan decided to wear the sentimental jacket the happiest day of his life. Reggie Rockstone confirmed the story behind the jacket saying “Yes really cherished that jacket, so did my kid brother Keitta. I want Keagan to keep it safely and keep it in high esteem it is a lucky jacket”, Reggie told Peacefmonline.com. Asked if he is going to give his bosom friend Keitta some of the money, he laughed and said “Yeah I will share the victory with all my friends and all housemates who will be available, and of course Keitta is my man and a brother, he is a good guy and he is in South Africa now”. He disclosed that there will be a big party for all the housemates and after that, he and his team will decide on how to use the money. He said he didn’t come up for eviction in the last four weeks in the house so he had no idea how Africa saw him in the house, so even though he was among the final six, he didn’t know what to expect on the final day. The 22 year old South African said he is planning on coming to Ghana very soon to meet his fans and thank Ghanaians for voting for him to win. “I can’t wait to come to Ghana to feel the Ghanaian hospitality, I know Ghanaians are very friendly and I want to come and see how the azonto thing is going down live in Ghana in reality this time, not what we did in the Big Brother house. Especially see all the things Keitta told me about Ghana”. He said he has not regretted anything he did while in the BBA house because he knew the consequences of any action he took in the house. Asked about his relationship with Zambian beauty Talia, Keagan said “Of course I and Talia are going to be together outside BBA, she is very beautiful and she was an attraction in the house, so let’s see what happens after Big Brother. On what Angolan housemate Seydou, who first dated Talia before he left the house voluntarily with his partner, will think about his relationship with Talia, Keagan had a big laugh and said “Seydou is no longer acting so yeah you can conclude that I have taken Talia away from him”. Keagan who had never watched any of the previous editions, went home $300,000 richer after 90 days in the BBA house. He was announced winner on the last eviction show for BBA Stargame in South Africa, last Sunday August 4, 2012, after he came face to face with Kenyan housemate Prezzo. Keagan, Kyle, Lady May, Prezzo, Talia and Wati were all in the running during the final week – but the man from Cape Town won Africa’s hearts and votes. Wati was the first housemate to be evicted on the night, followed by Kyle, Talia, Lady May and, finally, Prezzo. Keagan and Prezzo entered the game from two different sides – Downville and Upville, respectively – on 6 May and kept Africa entertained for 91 days. The Big Brother StarGame Finale was a celeb-studded affair, kicking off with a special edition of STARGIST on DStv Channel 197, hosted by Vimbai Mutinhiri and Lawrence Maleka, who interviewed former Big Brother StarGame housemates, fans and business executives such as M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi and Olufemi Ashipa, Brand Manager Colas of Coca Cola Nigeria. Stars of Big Brother seasons past, were keen onlookers in the live studio audience, alongside VIP’s like Zinzi Mandela. African music superstars also took to theBig Brother Stage to take the Finale to the next level. Nigerian hip-hop star D’Banj, Ugandan hip-hop powerhouse Navio, sizzling South African MC Khuli Chana, award-winning Ghanaian hip-life king Sarkodie, and Nigeria’s phenomenal Afro-pop star Naeto C, all rocked the stage, giving viewers a night they’ll never forget!