Use Of Biometric Cards For Bank Transactions To Delay - BoG

The use of the biometric cards for bank transactions in Ghana would delay a while as the Bank of Ghana is now working with its South African partners to develop a software for the banks. Some banks do not accept the new card from their customers due to their inability to verify its authenticity. The immediate past Governor of the Bank of Ghana and Vice President Amissah-Arthur made this known during his vetting session with the Appointments Committee on Monday. According to him, the software when assessed would assist with the verification of the cards to ensure smooth transactions. “The Bank of Ghana is in the process of identifying a software that the banks will use to authenticate people who bring various types of biometric cards, so that they will be clear that the individual who wants a transaction at the bank is the individual who he is claiming to be,” he explained. The immediate past Governor also added that the deal in finding the software is because the Bank of Ghana “wants to find a software that is able to query the database of the various national institutions that have biometric register so it will take us some time.”