Ghanaians Are Not So Honest – Heward-Mills

The Head Pastor of the Light House Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has called on government leaders and political figures to be truthful in their dealings with the Ghanaian public. According to him, the handlers of the late President John Mills lied to Ghanaians regarding the health of President; a situation he described as needless. He made this known after the burial of the late President Mills at the Geese Park also known as the Asomdwee Park. Sections of the general public and other political parties before the President’s death on July 24 raised concerns about the health status of the President, but these concerns and claims were continually refuted till his death. He said; “I think there is no need to deceive the public, we are all human beings and illness is not anybody’s fault and there was no need to lead us astray and create a context of such a shock.” Bishop Heward-Mills also criticized the way the general public highly praised the late Ghanaian leader “as if he was the most loved and the best leader in everything whereas a few weeks ago he was criticized for everything. This shows that we are not so honest when it comes to what we say and what we show.”