Did We Hear Kufuor Right?

He says he is a democrat, and that he respects the rule of law and separation of powers; above all, he says he is the best person to have happened to Ghana. His name is (His Excellency) John Agyekum Kufuor, former President of Ghana. He is so much admired, with the manner he has conducted himself so far, after serving the people of Ghana with his team of property looting brigade. Recently, former President Kufuor’s name has been on lips of Ghanaian, following his sincerest display of statesmanship during the funeral and burial of the late President J.E.A. Mills. However, JAK, as he is popularly called on political platforms, has always been a pale shadow of himself as issues he raises always backfire. That has made lots of Ghanaians always pray that he does not involve himself so much in political discourse, as he is seen to be gentle, than to be goofing on platforms. Now hear him: JAK mounted platform at Mantse Agbonaa, in Accra Saturday, and his message was to no other institution than the Electoral Commission (EC). He was brief and concise with what he had for the Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan-chaired Commission. ‘The EC should rescind its decision to create new constituencies from the new districts’. JAK’s reason was that, the time frame, considering the fact that there is going to be elections in December, was too short. Initially, many felt that it was not Kufuor who was speaking; others too felt that they did not hear him right.bBut that was the father of democracy for Ghanaians, who was sending a loud and clear message to the EC. Was Ghana not under Kufuor when new Districts and Constituencies were created in 2004? Was Kufuor trying to tell Ghanaians that the EC was breaking the law at that time? Was Kufuor telling Ghanaians that he was behind the attitude the New Patriotic Party Members of Parliament are putting up in connection with the creation of the new Constituencies? What was he afraid of, should the law be passed for the Constituencies to be created. It is shocking for no other person than JAK, to have come with such flimsy excuse that the time was too short for the creation of the constituencies. JAK, where have you thrown all the democratic credentials that you’d given yourself? It is very clear that JAK was trying to stampede the EC and scare it from creating the new Constituencies. From all indications, it’s plain that the electorate would punish the NPP at polls for the entrenched position it is taking against the creation of the Districts and Constituencies. JAK, you are enjoying blissful relationship with Ghanaians as former President of the country, please let Ghanaians continue to hold you in high esteem. Sir, sometimes when you are silent, it deepens the love and respect Ghanaians have for you, and please, think and stop being childish.