Kan-Dapaah Must Resign PAC Position - Inusah

The Deputy Minister for Energy, Hon. Inusah Fuseini, has called for the replacement of the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament, Hon. Albert Kan-Dapaah. The Tamale Central constituency legislator’s call comes in the wake of controversies surrounding Hon. Kan-Dapaah’s assertion that the Inspector General of Police should drag businessman Alfred Woyome to appear before the committee. Hon. Fuseini maintains the PAC chairman has been unfair whiles discharging his duties. He said: “Hon. Kan-Dapaah’s continuous chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee does not help in ensuring the neutrality and bipartisanship in the committee and is clearly all because when Hon. Kan-Dapaah was in government he was a cabinet minister, and all decisions that are now the subject matter of the investigations by the PAC based on the report of the Auditor General were issues he had the opportunity to sit on cabinet to discuss.” He acknowledged the PAC chairman’s integrity as an intelligent accountant but insisted, “It is not that I am doubting his competence is just on the basis of the fact that as a former cabinet minister who presided and took decisions in connection with matters that are now before the committee he needs to step down as chairman and allow the NPP to choose somebody who was not privy to such decisions.” Meanwhile, the Deputy Chairman for the Public Accounts Committee, Hon. Agyemang Manu has called the bluff of the Deputy Energy Minister. He stated that “we are all entitled to our own opinions based on certain assessments that I will always say are a bit biased when we take political positions, especially the way that my friend Fuseini is trying to take, but I think he has no business in trying to meddle in the affairs of PAC.” He advised his colleague MP to mind his own business. “In the first place who should remove Kan-Dapaah? Does he want to become chairman for a committee that is chaired by opposition; he doesn’t belong to our party so why this, if he has any serious problem radio wouldn’t solve his problem he should petition the Speaker and outline the grievances he has against Kan-Dapaah and let us see how leadership will deal with it.”