I Have Never Been To A Night Club -Jon Germain

Many might hold the notion that stylish Jon Germain who has interviewed lots artistes in his illustrious career will be a huge patron of nightclubs at least to interact with his fans and mount the stage to perform some of the few songs he has produced. However, according to the “Allo tigo” host, he has never stepped foot in night clubs; not until his recent birthday took him to the Rockstone Office where he had the chance to mingle with some of his many fans. He made this revelation when he spoke to Dzifa Smith on The Late Nite Celebrity Show. He recounted that his July 28 birthday which brought a lot of beauties flooding the night club happened as his very first time of being to a night club. “That was the very first time I went to the club. I have heard of Rockstone’s nightclub, my friends go there, my niece goes there a lot, she always tells me about Rockstone’s office but I have never been to any nightclub,” For a musician that will come as a surprise but for him, “it has never been my thing, from back in school, my friends will jump walls and go to nightclubs and come and tell me about matador and all, but I go like ‘cool’ ”. On the pictures that emerged on the internet after his birthday party where lot of ladies had lined up by his side obviously to celebrate his day with him, he said he didn’t like the intention behind the pictures but had to accept them because they indeed happened. “I don’t like those pictures but since they were not drawings but pictures, then it means that it really happened” “I mean I have lot of lady friends and the party had lot of ladies there and that is how come that pix emerged. With his distinct manner of singing, Jon Germain is viewed as the only Rock singer in the country. The respected singer has hosted Metro TV’s “Allo Tigo” for the past decade.