Two Women Of God In Street Fight

Two female pastors who threw their revered positions in society to the winds and exchanged blows in public, have been remanded in police custody by the Akyem Oda District Magistrate’s Court. Thirty-one year-old Evangelist, Debora Acheampong and Prophetess Adwoa Ataa Acheampong, 52, whose pleas were not taken, would reappear before the court presided over by Mr Albert Anno-Owusu on September 3, 2012. The facts of the case as presented to the crowded court by Chief Inspector Adelaide Appiakorang, were that the accused persons who were siblings and live in different houses at Akyem Asuoso in the Birim Central Municipality in the Eastern Region, were highly respected by many people in the area because of their unique positions in society. She said on July 13, 2012, Prophetess Acheampong, alias Odifo Ataa, reported a case of stealing and threat of death against their elder brother, Kwasi Anyanor to the Akyem Akroso Police which was receiving attention at the Akyem Swedru Circuit Court. On July 27, 2012, the police went to effect the arrest of the suspect, who lives in the same house with Evangelist Debora, after several fruitless attempts to do so previously. When the police reached the house, they met Debora who told them that Anyanor had gone to farm and promised to send him to the police station on his return. Early in the morning of July 28, 2012, Odifo Ataa called at the police station and informed the officers handling the case that Anyanor had fled Asuoso on the advice of Debora, adding that she (Debora) was also preparing to flee the town to escape arrest. The police therefore Police rushed with Odifo Ataa to Asuoso to find out from Debora why she had failed to produce the suspect as promised. On reaching Debora’s house, she told the peace officers that she had agreed with Anyanor to report himself to the police when he returned from farm that very day. Some minutes after the police had left, the two accused persons rushed to the Akroso Police Station with woundsand reported assault cases against each other. The police issued them medical forms to seek medical treatment at the hospital. They brought their endorsed medical forms to the police to demonstrate that they had received medical attention at the hospital. After the police had completed their investigations the two accused persons were cautioned to report at the police station to be prosecuted but they failed to do so. They were, however, arrested on warrant on August 13, 2012.