"It’s Wrong For Chinese To Build Kotokoraba Market"

The Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) has expressed disappointment with the introduction of some Chinese contractors who have been tasked to reconstruct the Kotokoraba market in Cape coast. President John Mahama over the weekend introduced the Chinese contractors to people of Cape Coast at the Fetu Afayhe as those who are expected to start construction works on the market. But GREDA has said it is an indication of government’s lack of confidence in the Ghanaian contractors. The President of GREDA, Dr. Alexander Tweneboah told Citi News, Ghanaian contractors have the capacity and the expertise to do work on government projects. He stated that “we are wondering why they want to give such work to foreigners to do which is something we should be very careful of because once we start down this road, it will be a never ending road.” “Today, it will be contractors, tomorrow it will be journalists and so we should all take this up very seriously as to whether or not we have the requisite skills. We don’t trust our own people to do competent work, then who else can we trust then?” he asked. Meanwhile, a policy think-tank IMANI Ghana also described the decision by government as wrong saying, “it is really not right. Much as the President has given promises that the market will be rebuilt, we don’t think that it is within his power to determine who undertakes that contract.” Speaking to Citi News, the Vice President of IMANI Ghana, Kofi Bentil said: “Even if another country is giving us free money, there must be some kind of process we accept it or reject it because nobody gives anything for nothing and if anybody is giving us aid, they must give it to us on our terms.” He added that “it is not good to go and take somebody’s money and come and do things which more or less will not be good for your economy. If they want to give us money, they should give us that money and we will be able to build that market. There should be some process so that it is not left to the President’s whims and caprices.”