There Are No Socialists In Ghana So Pratt And His Ilk Must Give Us A Break (1)

Ghana is indeed an interesting place when it comes to politicking and canvassing for votes during elections. People come up with all sorts of abstract theories and espouse dead ideologies, as a panacea for our social and economic woes. This is done with the sole purpose of gaining undue advantage over political opponents; so that power could be achieved to enable people improve their economic power-base. In months preceding every election in this country, propaganda noise-making has always been intense but those that characterized that of 2008 general elections, were something that I personally have not seen in our political campaign history before. People could sit in studios of radio stations and prescribe solutions to all our problems and make us understand that the then governing party (NPP) was full of vampires who had no interest in the general well-being of the citizenry. Emotions of the ordinary Ghanaian was turned into a keyboard on which brilliant melodies were composed and ferociously sang on roof-tops in studios of radio/TV stations. Members of now defunct CJA were at the fore-front of this crusade during which non-existent goodies of socialism was their ‘chewing stick’. Outrageous assertions to the effect that as a result of positives of socialism, the fuel tank of every car, irrespective of its engine capacity, can be filled with petrol at the cost of $3.Kwesi Pratt boldly made such an outrageous pronouncement in studios of radio stations where we some of us have always respected the host but absolutely nothing was done to let Kwesi know that what he was saying was a complete lie. These self acclaimed adherents of socialism even advocated for the cancellation of Christmas, independence day and other important holiday celebrations and the time used to send people onto our vast uncultivated lands to till the land and produce food for our consumption so we can be self sufficient and therefore look the white-man and his imperialist organizations as IMF/world bank to go to hell. They said Ghana had no reason to be poor because God has blessed us with all we can ever think of to wipe-out poverty from our Ghanaian society. Utility prices and jobs Those were the days when Kwesi Pratt was preaching on all the media outlets that due total incompetence of the Kufuor administration, we were paying high fuel prices and utility bills. They said power supply was erratic and filth had engulfed all our major cities and towns. They said there were no jobs and grinding poverty had become the lot of Ghanaians. These unrepentant pseudo-socialists in this great nation of ours used these arguments to tout the achievements of leaders like Fidel Castro (Cuba), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) and Kim Jon-IL (North Korea). Extolling the Cuban joke They said there were times that Fidel Castro suspended the celebration of Christmas in the whole of Cuba so that people could be mobilized to go to sugar cane farms for harvesting the crop. They used this archaic Cuban socialist populism as a bench mark of political shrewdness of Castro and they wanted Kufuor to learn from him(Castro)by suspending Christmas here in Ghana so that we could also carry water and electricity on our heads to people’s homes because we were experiencing shortages in these areas at the time. They even expected Kufuor to deliver 10-hour speeches and talk about all sorts of absolute nonsensical till he collapses, just as Fidel Castro used to do. And because Kufuor was not engaging in that act of total comicary, he was described as ‘mumu’ (dump) person by people who are constantly under the influence of all kinds of extremely potent herbal preparations. What proponents of the type of governance in these nations seem to forget is that, these are places where people like Kwesi Pratt, himself, cannot live and practice as a ‘senior’ journalist, as he is doing here in Ghana. Indeed, there is no way Kwesi can sit on radio in places like Venezuela, North Korea or Cuba and engage in those plain insults he has been pouring on anybody he disagrees with. There is absolutely no way Kwesi can have an ‘alhaji/alhaji’ type of radio programme in these aforementioned countries. Talk is cheap Throughout 7-days of the week, these pseudo-socialists are either on TV or Radio screaming themselves hoarse and inflicting his ‘knowledge’ on issues spanning archeology to zoology, on decent people of this nation. The moment these people sit in front of the microphone, they fall into a self-delusionist trance that makes them see behave super humans, with answers to every single problem confronting this great nation of ours. However, when a personality as Kwesi Pratt, who has always been the chief headman in this absolutely useless propagation of a dead socialist ideology is asked to personally get involved by taking up a position in government, he has always retorted; ‘Nyame mpe gu’ (God Forbid).He comes up with such retorts for the simple reason that he just cannot, competently, manage any state institution as a figure head. Kwesi is only proficient in what Africans are well noted for; just ‘mouth-mouth’ and nothing else. For example, during the recent post election crisis in Cote d’Ivoire, Kwesi Pratt said the stands taken by United Nations, ECOWAS, African Union, European Union, France and America were all wrong and only his cacophonous ranting and raving could bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis. Crisis in Caracas Coming back to the ‘shining’ examples of these socialist cabals who have been bothering our ears with all these ‘shining’ examples of Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea: In Venezuela, there is this report of President Chavez closing down six television stations; and the crime of these media outfits was that they have refused to carry a live broadcast of the president’s rabble-rousing speeches which lasts for 6-hrs non-stop!!.Now, if lets say, President Kufuor had done such a thing during his tenure, would these fictitious proponents of a dead socialist ideology in Ghana have shut their mouth? Indeed, these people are free to sit on Radio/TV 24-hrs a day and 7-days a week,yet,they go about chastising every head of state this nation has had while espousing the leadership style of leaders like Chavez. There is currently, a looming economic crisis in Venezuela as a result of unbridled, ill-intended and unplanned nationalization of companies. This has resulted in massive capital flight and total lack of confidence in the Venezuelan economy and dwindling direct foreign investments. Venezuela, a nation with such massive oil reserves, is currently, not able to meet its energy needs and there is an ongoing power rationing in some parts of the country, especially the capital(Caracas).Shop shelves are reportedly getting empty and purchasing power of the ordinary person in Venezuela is fast dwindling. Gun violence is a common place in Venezuela. A report has it that Forty (40) people are murdered, weekly, in Caracas alone, in cold blood as a result of violent crime. So when I hear Kwesi Pratt shouting from the roof-tops that just because one can ‘fill’ his/her car for just one dollar in Venezuela, which is a complete lie anyway, then it stands to reason that life in that country is better than what we have here in Ghana, it becomes palpably clear that these people who live in complete luxury here but continue propounding socialism, are nothing but gargantuan jokers. E-mail: [email protected]