RTP Awards 2012 Postponed Again

Information available, indicates that the already twice postponed Radio and Television Award (RTP) which was schedule for 6th October 2012 has yet again been postponed to the 13th of October and is going to be known this time around as Globa RTP awards, with the venue still scheduled to be at the main hall of the Accra International Conference Center. This according to organizers is due to a ‘technical hitch’ which they said has nothing to do with the organizational aspect of the awards. According to the Event Coordinator for RTP awards, this postponement is due to the new company which just came on board to be the headline sponsor of the award, coupled with the fact that the event will be graced by ace musician Kodjo Antwi, and sultry songstress Efya, No Tribe and other heavy weights in the industry. Another poor excuse was the fact that the trophies are being manufactured by those who produce that of the Oscar Awards. Personally, I have been wondering what kind of organization we have these days. The merry-go-round is getting out of hand and they should understand that Ghanaians are fed-up and too descending to listen to this ‘story-story’. Yes fair enough, Ghanaians understood when the organizers hid behind the guise of the late presidents death to postponed the awards the first time; but to feed them with this cock and bull of headline sponsors, musicians and what did he call it – the ‘Oscar manufacturers and their trophies palava’, that would not hold water. Enough is enough, organizers should do their home work properly, make use of all these postponements and then remember that the next time they come and give us ‘bitter pills’, we shall not swallow them.