Photo: 26-Year-Old Woman Left Barren...After Doctors Left Surgical Equipment In Her Stomach

26-year-old Ernestina Adade Konadu has vowed to seek justice, after medical doctors at the Brong-Ahafo Regional Hospital in Sunyani left surgical cloth in her abdomen during a cesarean operation in October 2010. Though the second operation to remove the surgical cloth has now rendered Ernestina barren, the Attorney General Department is reportedly threatening her to back down on the GH¢150,000 she is demanding as compensation, else they would expose her medical records. Ernestina Adade Konadu told The Chronicle, whilst in tears, that her first attempt to have a child had ended in the current mess, but instead of sympathising with her, since she could no more bring forth and also engage in any hard work, the law office was rather threatening her. According to her, the Brong-Ahafo Regional Hospital had admitted that they negligently left the surgical cloth in her abdomen, and proposed to pay GH¢10,000 compensation, which she rejected. Ernestina Konadu further told The Chronicle that the GH¢10,000 compensation was even proposed after she had proceeded to court, since all her petitions for compensation fell on deaf ears. Konadu appealed to all relevant statutory bodies and non-governmental organisations on human rights issues to join her crusade for adequate compensation, to also ensure that other women did not suffer her fate in future. The hospital authorities refused to comment on the case when this reporter contacted them. Information gathered by The Chronicle indicates that they were trying all possible means to settle the matter out of court. Unfortunately, all the two meetings scheduled for the family of Konadu and the hospital authorities at the offices of Ernestina’s counsel could not come on. The two parties were supposed to have met on Wednesday, September 19 and Wednesday, September 26, this year, but the hospital authorities informed the family they were not well organised, and had proposed to call the family to meet at the hospital at an appropriate date and time.