Bloody Nonsense!

Ghana�s dark political history has entries about disappearances and outright assassinations of persons regarded as thorns in the flesh of the political establishment. Many have disappeared who are yet to be accounted for. We may eventually regard them as the unaccounted, lost citizens. When, therefore, any action inclining towards physical attacks on political personalities perceived to be from the other side of the divide take place, we naturally recall the dark chapter in our history. Many even ask whether the sordid actions are not being re-enacted in a way. Hon. Albert Kan-Dapaah�s traumatizing experience at the hands of armed robbers a few days ago has prompted many scary questions about what really happened, in a manner which has captured the imagination of many Ghanaians with a nose for politics. Much as we would like the security agents to investigate the matter with open minds, we are unable to resist toying with the other possibilities given the honourable gentleman�s role in probing financial improprieties. Although the victim was quite diplomatic in his responses when he fielded the usual radio station interviews when bad news permeates the airwaves, we think that it calls for a sober reflection. With the electioneering campaigns gathering momentum ahead of the elections, this is the last thing we expect to happen in the country especially when peace is being touted by various interest groups as an absolute. Under a system which is not known to have investigated, thoroughly, matters with political undertones, doubts have been raised as to whether the so-called promise of probing the criminal action should not be taken with a pinch of salt. Let such important personalities in Parliament be offered adequate security cover. For someone whose service to the nation in our attempt and resolve to retrieve monies lost to the state through government appointees, such protection is long overdue. From the harrowing narrative about what befell the honourable gentleman and his household, we can only demand prayers from all Ghanaians for our compatriots who have decided to serve the country the way they are doing regardless of open or veiled threats. We wish to acknowledge the concerns shown to the Honourable gentleman by some security chiefs following his harrowing experience. Whoever is behind this antiquated Gestapo tactics is undertaking a venture which shall surely fail given available empirical evidence about past operations in this regard. Even dictators have fallen let alone such infantile time-wasting attempts at cowing opposition personalities to close their eyes to the rot in government. Shots were fired at the gentleman�s car and a debate raged among the men as to whether to kill him or not. God save Ghana.