Parliament Urged To Pass The Right To Information Bill

The Western Regional branch of the Right to Information Coalition on Friday renewed calls to Parliament to pass the Right to Information Bill in order to ensure greater transparency, accountability and good governance. Mr. Emmanuel Papa Assan, Regional Coordinator of the Coalition, made the call during the celebration of this year's International Right to Know Day at Takoradi. The Day was under the theme “Our Right to know: An Effective Right to Information Law or None”. Mr. Assan expressed concern that Parliament was dragging its feet over the passage of the Bill. He said, “We are questioning why it has taken too long a time for Parliament to pass the Right to Information Bill in line with international best practices and standards”. Mr. Assan said open government is the essence of democracy and many governments have recognized and upheld this. He said stakeholders of the Coalition for Right to Information have already submitted proposals on early passage of the bill to Parliament for its consideration. Mr. Assan said the aim of the celebration is to raise awareness of every individual's right of access to government held information, the right to know how elected officials are exercising power and how the taxpayer's money is being used. Placard bearing members of the coalition distributed flyers and T'Shirts on the Right to Information Bill to the public as part of the celebration. Some of the placards read “Crucify corruption by passing the Right to Information Bill”, “Information is power. Give power to the people”, “Rescue the Right to Information Bill from hostage” and “We have the Right to Know”.