Rain Kills Boy

An eight-year-old kindergarten pupil of Sokode-Lokoe L/A Primary School, Eugene Kwasi Makata has been found dead after torrential rains hit Ho last Thursday. The four-hour heavy rainfall which started around half past midday intermittently reduced its tempo until after 4:30 p.m. when it drizzled through to the night. All business and social activities came to a standstill until the rains subsided. Majority of the gutters, drains, streams and rivers over flew their banks with some areas becoming flooded. The rain had been described my many as “unprecedented” and the heaviest ever experienced in the municipality in decades. Unfortunately, a young boy who was going home after school met his untimely death. His death has left the whole municipality, particularly, residents of Sokodo-Lokoe, his school and family with sorrow. According to a teacher of the school, Esther Kukah, who spoke to Volta Premier FM in Ho, Eugene was one of the pupils who were permitted to leave the school after the rain had subsided around 2:30 p.m. instead of the normal closing time of 1:00 p.m. She said few minutes later she was called that young Eugene has been “carried away by the water.” The father of Eugene, Godwin Sedohia noted that his only son was the oldest of his second and youngest set of twins. He said the mates of Eugene who witnessed the incident noted that it happened just a few meters away from the school at a bridge over a river called ‘Kokotime.’ Mr. Sedohia said his son was reported to be holding his boots due to the rain. On reaching the bridge, one of his boots fell in the river which was full to the brim and was flowing with top speed. He then wore the other boot and attempted to retrieve the other one, but he fell and was dragged by the gushing water. His colleagues with whom he was walking came to his rescue, but as little as they were, their strength was not enough to save their friend. They then began shouting for help, which attracted some vendors at the school and passers-by, but it was too late to save little Eugene. The fire service was also called to the rescue. However, all attempts by them and residents to retrieve the body of Eugene proved futile. Fortunately, at about 5:00 p.m. they had a report that the lifeless body of their son was a few meters away from the bridge. Mr. Sedohia said, Eugene, who was in his uniform and wearing one boot, “did not look dead, but like one sleeping.” He was then rushed to the Municipal Hospital where he was pronounced dead at about 6:00 p.m. He said his wife, Diana Sedohia, suffered a heart attack on hearing the news and was rushed to the hospital. “She is currently well, except crying with the remaining three children,” he said. Mr. Sedohia, who worked at the Ho Polytechnic as a Security Officer, wanted his son to become a pilot. Eugene Kwasi Makata was described by neighbours and teachers as a gentle and quite boy who loved playing soccer.