Obvious Oddity

Time is always in a state of flux with many lessons for the wise to learn from; not so for the unwise who would, sooner or later, suffer the consequence of their obstinate posture. Those who refuse to accept this natural phenomenon and prefer to remain stiff like a twig or dry leaf, unresponsive to the changing trends, would soon break or crumble into smithereens. The reactions of some government appointees in the face of developments such as the recent humiliating drug haul show astounding obstinacy to the changing times as though for them the dictum “tempora mutantur” has no relevance. The Ghana of Lt. Col. Larry Gbevlo-Lartey as CO of the 64 Reserve Battalion is gone, now part of history and whose relevant paperwork is already in the strong room of the Public Records And Archival Administration Department (PRAAD), waiting for researchers’ periodic perusal. We have observed with intense interest the kaleidoscopic cocaine developments and how the National Security Coordinator, Gbevlo-Lartey, noted for joining controversies, has jumped into the fray like a ranting Rambo. This he has done in a futile attempt to rescue the embattled Akrasi Sarpong, head of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), and the bruised visage of the government. He is snubbing the importance of sparing the critical office of National Security Coordinator the nauseating propaganda which has become the lot of the NDC government and sometimes even playing the President of the Republic of Ghana. We are not surprised about the trend of the drug trade in the country given, among things, the former US envoy’s remarks on the subject. It is a global trend whose ramifications and sophistications are enormous. We may not join the chorus of the “Akrasi Must Go”, especially since he seeks to protect his bread and butter but would state here and now that the drug challenge is beyond him and the National Security Coordinator. The stakes are high and security officials and people in other state capacities involved would always protect their tracks by all means. Gbevlo-Lartey would do us much good if he stops being an unproductive defender of defaulters and takes time to understand what his real roles are. Our National Security Coordinator’s posture is that of one who is master of all that he surveys as he savours his fantasy world. We live in a part of the world where, regrettably, people bestowed with little authority become forgetful of the fact that theirs is to serve and not to present themselves as institutions worth obeying. This country, our brothers and sisters!