For The Sake Of Power

The past few weeks have been dotted with pockets of attacks on certain opposition personalities. And coming close to the forthcoming elections, we are justified in expressing concern about what undoubtedly is a burning desire by those at the helm of authority to maim or even murder their opponents to strengthen their hold on power. In view of the seriousness of the emanating security breaches and their negative impact both on the targeted personalities and the body-politic, we have advisedly suspended our series on the equally parlous instances of corruption so we can comment on this imminent danger to the life of our state. The tendency to use machomen and even assassins by those at the helm to prosecute their political objectives is an about turn to the bloody days of our history. The foregone is characterised by the engagement of machomen and shadowy characters by those at the helm of state, a situation fast becoming a feature of the political ambience. The impunity with which government-sponsored rogues intimidate political opponents is eroding further the confidence in individuals and institutions charged with securing the security of the state. When the “all-die-be-die” mantra was flown as a bulwark to political intimidation, especially during elections, the NDC in their bid to counter it mounted rooftops to give it a bad name through self-serving explanations. Our understanding of the refrain chimes with what for us is its true meaning, a defence mechanism to encourage Ghanaians to die a little for their country’s democracy by standing up against rogues, murderers and criminally-minded politicians who thrive on such vices. Let us have such persons named and shamed in the interest of our nation’s political health as this is the only way we can stem the tide of lawlessness under the cloak of politics. If they come for your neighbour in the morning, they will come for you in the evening; that is a fact nobody can run away from. There are no two ways about the issue of political intimidation, disappearances or even murder, no pacifist or middle path. It is either right or wrong. Those who have the country at heart must stand up and be counted, or shut up. The times are beginning to be testy; we bet, as megalomaniacs shamelessly engage armed robbers, thugs and boko harams to intimidate and even murder political opponents. If “all-die-be-die” means stopping such acts of cowardice and recklessness, we are for it.