Bobie Ansah’s Radio Station Hits Town

The long awaited quality on radio in Ghana has at long last been achieved with the coming on board of Agoo FM. Operating on the dial 103.5, Agoo FM would focus mainly on current affairs in addition to sports and entertainment. With the state-of-the-art equipment, Agoo FM team would be led by no other person than Joseph Kwabena Bobie-Ansah, the former lead presenter of Multi-Media’s Asempa FM. Now on test transmission, Agoo FM would be the first station in the country to make listeners owners of the station. “We are coming out in a way that the listeners will decide what they want”, Bobie said. “I know how radio runs in this country but Agoo will afford listeners the distinctive opportunity to demand answers from leaders not only in politics, but in all endeavours,” he said. According to him, Agoo FM has come not to add to numbers, but would roll out what the Ghanaian public deserves and want to hear.