10 Naughtiest Vegetables On Earth

10. Wee Weenie Carrot. We love organic fruits and veggies here at Organic Authority, but that doesnít mean we donít have a certain fondness for those rejects from the green grocerís table that look a little... different. Just because an edible piece of earth-grown goodness appears a bit bizarre, doesnít mean itís crammed full of chemicals or that it's genetically modified to the max. In fact, you might think some of these succulent veggies look mouth-wateringly delicious. Vegetables grow into such cheeky forms due to a variety of environmental factors such as unfavorable growing conditions or inadequate pollination. But (speaking of inadequacy) is this an excuse for some of the lewder shapes these errant veggies take? You decide. Just remember: what we see says more about the purity of our minds than the failing of some fruity-looking fruit. 9. You say potato, we say good golly... Almost too explicit to be included; this potato's resemblance to the male member is made the more stark by the way itís being gripped. You know what we could do with one of these? Whip up some mashed potatoes! If the definition of an oddly shaped veggie is one thatís not in line with its normal body plan, this bad boy sure fits the bill. 8. Nice to meet you, Ben Dover... A switch of gender now with another bawdy view we might not expect from a potato. Two buttocks are placed on a plinth and weíd sooner not go into any more detail. As for a pseudo-scientific explanation, it looks like a case of Siamese twins Ė that's two fruit growing together, which is actually not all that uncommon. Now we're as big fans of pomme de terres as the next culinarily inclined folks Ė a mid-sized, oven baked jacket potato (with its skin on, of course) provides almost half our recommended Daily Value of vitamin C plus a fair percentage of the potassium and vitamin B6 we need Ė but nutrients need some table manners too. 7. Parsnip caught with its pants down Not according to this parsnip, which isnít so much phallic as packing its very own projecting phallus. Itís like the bottom half of a miniature mannequin that was a little too well made, with a naughty bit it should put away. Either that or nature's designer lost count and started on a third leg it couldnít finish. Obscenely inspired. 6. Well hung carrot This next lascivious reject from Nature's line of veggie dummies is a carrot letting it all hang out... But speaking seriously for a second about the causes of such abnormalities: when a root vegetable is growing and its tip receives damage, it's liable to split, forming various roots joined at one point. Cue peels of laughter. Of course, when they're not getting all frisky and upsetting the in-laws, root veggies like these make for great grub. For a simple, tasty dish, try this: parboil some parsnips and carrots for 8-10 minutes; let them cool; toss them in olive oil, garlic, rosemary and seasoning; then roast for 35 minutes, or until golden brown. Delish!