MTTU Introduces Road Safety Movie

The Motor Traffic Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service in partnership with Ghana Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Culture (GHANECC) has introduced a number of road safety instruction movies. The movies highlight road safety rules such as crossing roads the safe way, adjusting speeds to road situations, curving rules and the use of side mirrors, dangerous overtaking and the use of inside and outside mirrors. The movies will be broadcast in between scheduled programmes on all local television stations to create awareness about road regulations. Nico Van Staalduinen, Managing Director of GHANECC said the initiative was one of the company’s corporate social responsibility programmes to enhance safety on our roads. “The idea behind this initiative is to ensure that Ghanaians will easily understand and know the importance of human behaviour on our roads,” he said. He said there was the need to constantly educate drivers and most importantly pedestrians about road safety. According to Mr. Staalduinen, road safety education should be conducted with human visuals for people to easily understand the message in the instruction movies. He noted further that with the new instruction movies, a lot of people will be aware of how to keep themselves safe while using the road. The objective for introducing these movies was to save lives and make pedestrians more aware of the dangers they placed their lives in by not following safety rules. Justice M.Y. Amegashie, Chief Executive Officer of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) said road safety was a collective responsibility for all Ghanaians. “If pedestrians and drivers are educated and disciplined on road safety laws, there will be a drastic change in the number of road accidents in Ghana,” he noted. Commander of the MTTU, ACP Agwubutoge Awuni said education on road safety laws will encourage Ghanaians to be disciplined and committed to these laws that will keep their lives safe.