Ghanaians Must Be Vigilant During Elections - Mahama

President Mahama has called on all Ghanaians to be vigilant during the election to ensure that the process is successful and peaceful. President Mahama who made this call at a ceremony held at the Black Star Square (Independence Square) on Friday morning to commemorate the Eid-ul-Adha celebration, said “we must all be vigilant during the elections. The price of democracy is eternal vigilance.” He said the security apparatuses have made the necessary arrangements to ensure that nobody is intimated during the election but indicates that “we can only have a successful election if all our people are committed to it.” President Mahama called on all Ghanaians to make the celebration of the Eid-ul-Adha a real day of peace and goodwill among one another. He said all must surrender their lives to Allah in order to receive His blessings. The president said “let us all abide by the tenets of peace and goodwill on this special day” to help develop the nation as a whole. President Mahama revealed that the Education Ministry has been charged to ensure that no Muslim student is forced to go to church in schools across the country saying, “the constitution guarantees freedom of religion and nobody should be forced to do something against his or her will and I don’t believe that is right.” “I have asked the Minister for Education to send a circular around to inform schools to refrain from this action,” he added. President Mahama further congratulated the clergy for doing a “fantastic job” in ensuring that people of all religions are able to co-habit with very little skirmishes as is seen at many other places around the world.