ISODEC disappointed with candidates answers on NDPC

One of the key areas that the four presidential candidates were quizzed on at the IEA Presidential debate in Tamale was their plan for the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC). PNC's Hassan Ayariga said his government will continue and see to the completion of all projects started by previous governments when given the mandate to govern. Nana Akufo Addo also promised to continue all projects initiated and said his Vice will chair the NDPC to give it a national outlook. The President who is also the NDC Presidential candidate, John Mahama, pointed out that making the Vice President Chairman of the NDPC will rather give it a partisan outlook. He said the NDC continued NPP's initiated projects under the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy Two and went further to outline his party's plan for the NDPC. CPP's Abu Sakara also affirmed the need for a national plan that will address the needs of the people. But Dr. Steve Manteau of ISODEC says answers provided to the questions on the plans for the National Development Planning Commission were disappointing. He thinks the answers should rather focus on long term development and members of the NDPC be drawn from all the political parties.