Sack Me If You Can - Teye Nyaunu Dares NDC

Incumbent Lower Manya MP Michael Teye Nyaunu has called the bluff of his party over a threat to sack him and 22 others who have gone independent. The 23 of them filed to contest as independent parliamentary candidates following some misunderstanding that characterized their Parliamentary primaries in the ruling NDC. The Party has given them up to a week to rescind their decision or get kicked out of the party. He has dared the party to carry out what he described as a belated action which he believes portends dire consequences for the party in the December polls. “For me I think it is belated, we have just one month for voting and now you are coming out to say you have expelled me. It is definitely not in the interest of the party. “There is something wrong what they are about to do…and I am not perturbed at all…I am not shaken in any way” Teye Nyaunu said.