MUSIGA Research On Music And Ghana�s GDP

A meeting to discuss issues concerning the research on the contribution of music to Ghana�s GDP was held at the World Bank Office in Accra on Thursday November 22nd 2012. It was attended by some executives of MUSIGA including the President, Bice Osei Kuffour, the Head of the Technical Committee for the project, Dr Ben Ahadzie who doubles as the Head of the National Identification Board and representatives from KPMG. The meeting sought to among other issues come up with an agreed timeline and mode of dispensation of activities relating to the research. In an address, Dr Ahadzie mentioned the fact that Government has actually recognized art and the weight the art carries thereby making an allocation in budget. He added that the industry has potential and that findings from this research will inform future decisions on the industry with regards to investments once there is evidence of growth available to investors. Bice Osei Kuffour on his part expressed his happy sentiments on the fact that MUSIGA had been able to reach an agreement with a company as credible as KPMG and also gotten the support of Government and the World Bank to fund this project. He was hopeful that timelines will be followed and the whole process will be made as transparent as possible. A representative of KPMG, Daniel Addoteye expressed their readiness to work and gave assurance to produce results hopefully within the timelines. There will be a media interaction with the Technical Committee and KPMG on December 3 rd to debrief the media on issues relating to this research.