A Turkish National, Two Others Arrested For Fraud

A Turkish national, together with two Beninois, has been nabbed by the Accra Regional Police Command for attempting to defraud a Ghanaian of an amount of $25,000 dollars. The suspects are Atila Inanc, 54, the Turkish national, Frank Ajibu, 55, and Adom Baafi, 33, both Benin nationals. Chief Superintendent Frank Adufati, the Accra Regional, Crime Officer, told the media that suspect Atila called the victim on phone stating that he was domiciled in Saudi Arabia and wanted to invest in Ghana. He urged the victim, a contractor based in Kumasi, to partner him to invest an amount of $10,000,000 in Ghana. On November 20, 2012 suspect Atila went to Kumasi to meet the victim and to also inspect some of the projects of the victim. A few days after leaving Kumasi, the suspect told the victim that he would send the money through a security company based in Benin to the victim to start work. Suspect consequently gave the victim the code to the consignment to be delivered to him. “Suspect Atila told victim to pay an amount of $25,000 to the sender when the said bag containing the money is delivered.” On November 30, 2012, Suspect Frank Ajibu called the victim on phone and told him that he had been tasked to deliver a parcel to him personally in Accra. Suspect Ajibu requested victim to prepare the said delivery fee before the parcel was delivered. The two agreed to meet at the Accra shopping mall for the transaction. The victim, who suspected the deal to be fraudulent, reported the matter to the police. Police asked the suspect to feign interest in the deal and consequently meet the victim for the bag containing the money on that fateful day. On December 1, 2012, around 9am when the two arrived with the said bag containing the money, the policemen who were monitoring the suspects nabbed them. Suspect Atila Inanc, the Turkish, who was also hiding around the area, was picked up as well. When the bag was finally opened, it only contained two bags of sachet water, a pillow and some rags. The three admitted to the crime and would soon be prosecuted.