OPEN LETTER To Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo

NANA, DO NOT RETIRE PLEASE. Hello Hon. Nana Akufo-Addo, I write this letter as a follow-up to the letter I wrote to you exactly four months ago which you failed to respond. I again write with a clean heart and conscience at this difficult moment of your political carrier just as I did on August 15, 2012. I congratulate you on your defeat in the just ended elections. You fought a good fight and earned a corresponding result. Nana, you remember in my first letter, I indicated to you that if you continued to do things and campaigned the same way you did when President John Atta Mills was alive, you would get similar results as that of 2008? Yes, I told you so! This is what I wrote in the said letter: “Your communicators have indicated that no change will be effected to your campaign message. They say the focus of your campaign will remain; but I was confused as to whether you will be campaigning against the dead. I do not get it Sir; will you be going to the Asomdwee Park to resurrect the humble Professor and campaign against him? But Mr. William Akufo-Addo, can you do things the same way and expect different result? I am afraid you cannot succeed that way”. Nana, you failed to listen! You continued with your populist one-dimensional Free Senior High School (SHS) campaigns. Everybody you met on the street needed Free SHS; Bankers, Teachers, Market women, Oil analysts, Investment officers, Engineers etc. etc. all needed Free SHS. His Excellency President John Mahama took steps to explain the constitutional issues of Free education and the need to first pursue quality education. Again, I told you about the age factor which you ignored. This is what I wrote: “Are you aware that in the unlikely event that we vote for you as President, you would enter the history of our nation as Ghana’s oldest President ever? Nana, when we vote for you to become President at age 69 and Ghana’s oldest President ever, and looking at your age, would you seek for re-election at age 73 in 2016? And do you think Ghanaians are ready to be part of making this unpalatable history?” Most importantly, I explained to you that Ghana was not ready for another change after God Almighty changed late President Atta Mills for President John Mahama. This is what I wrote: “I am told your National Chairman is still calling for a certain change. Which change are you calling for now and what change were you calling for when President John Atta Mills was alive? But Nana, don’t you believe that the GOD ALMIGHTY has already effected the change you were calling for by changing the President you wanted to be changed?” Sir, in light of all these, why are you not accepting that you have lost in this election when the odds were against you? You managed to win in only two (2) regions while President Mahama won in eight (8) regions. Nana, you lost in majority of the Akan regions even though your party is perceived to be Akan dominated; Central Region, Western Region and Brong Ahafo Region. In Brong Ahafo for example, you secured eleven (11) constituencies while President Mahama won 18 constituencies in the Presidential elections. Nana, have you asked yourself why you lost massively in the Central Region? The President won in 16 constituencies and you managed only 7 in the Presidential Elections. Even in the Western Region, your performance was not encouraging at all… It sounds disgusting for most of your admirers to hear that you won in 10 constituencies in this particular Region and President Mahama won 16 constituencies in the Presidential Elections. Your party had 120 seats while the NDC won 151 seats in Parliament. If you will not accept the Presidential results, why not congratulate the NDC for their sterling performance in the Parliamentary elections? Sir, I am sorry to point to you that the Parliamentary result exposes your party as not national in character and performance. By the way Nana, how were you expecting to rule Ghana without a single seat in the Volta and Upper West Regions? Sir, the route to the Supreme Court of Ghana has no link to the Obra spot where your party has turned into a violence spot. If you insist you have been cheated, why not go to court? And if Ghanaians do not deserve to know your so-called evidence, the court must know; please go to court and leave the Obra spot! Sir, people (including Journalists and NDC chairman for Bekwai) have been stabbed, hacked and beaten because of your singular action; refusal to concede defeat. Nana, as an astute lawyer of several decades, you need not to be reminded that urging or inciting supporters of a political party to violence is a crime under the Rome Statute. Hon., can you confirm to me that your rejection of this free, fair and transparent election is a strategy to win the sympathy of your party delegates in order to launch a comeback in 2016? I can only hope and pray that God guide you and grant you good health and long life for a possible comeback in 2016 so that the NDC would have a more easily run-over in 2016 election which you may even struggle to score 40% of total valid votes. Do not retire yet Sir; your Free SHS campaign may work out for you in 2016. Thank you. Your Admirer Brogya Genfi NDC Youth Activist